8 March 2016

Why are my Instagram Posts so Long?

I am a naturally "wordy" person. I love to talk about just about anything, but to be honest, Craft Beer has become my passion and if you've been following along at home, you know why. My life has been transformed by these tasty and well made beers and I can't help but share that love with the world.
All this means one thing. When I post a review on Instagram, it can go a little long. I mean I've bumped into their character limit many times and it isn't small like the 140 you get on Twitter. Most people just double tap and scroll along when they are on this app, but I always make sure I read whatever is written because I am trying to find out anything about the beer in the picture, the brewery that made it and the person behind the account. I have been surprised by how many people I have met through the simple act of sharing pictures on a social media site. I suppose I shouldn't be, but being a person who struggles with anxiety means I often times miss out on things. On Instagram, I didn't have to leave my home to share stories, support my beer friends and even make new ones. This picture sharing site has helped me weather the winter in a relatively positive mood and it is due in part to those people who take the time to not only check out my pictures, but actually make their way through the often long winded stories that come from my beer.
 So back to the original premise of why are my Instagram posts so long. I would like to think it is because I can't control myself and get lost in the moment and to some extent that is true. But the most basic reason I will try to link the new beer I am drinking to a story from my life is that it helps me to slow down and appreciate everything about the brew. It makes me consider what I am drinking and not just reach into the fridge for another...and another...and another. I still feel the strong pull of just getting snackered on cheap beer and I know I have to remain vigilant against sliding back into that oblivion. Crafting a narrative about what is happening now or in the past and relating it to the picture I am taking or the name of the beer takes time and that is what I need.
  Along with expanding from just talking about the flavours and textures of my beer to tying it together with my past, present and even future in the description, I have been bitten by the artistic photo bug. I was never a "artsy" person, not surprisingly more of a wordsmith, so I have a ways to go to be as good as some of the people I follow in terms of presentation. But I really feel like I am stepping my game up every time. I am learning about lighting, depth, framing and other interesting photography related things. It has become a real challenge to think about how I want to present my beer and then tie it into a story I want to tell. This is how I bring calm to the chaos and reel in my old Polkaroo ways. 
Snow Beers!
   Perhaps the best part of all of this site has been the events I've attended and actual new friends I have made. When I decided to start this blog, do reviews on Instagram and subsequently post video reviews on YouTube, I did not think it would lead to helping me crack out of my shell and start to experience life again. I am grateful for the new people I have met in person and online and hope to widen that circle as the weather warms and we can get together on a patio somewhere for some delicious craft beer.
Going to breweries to get new beers, refill my growlers and pick up a new pint glass has become something I look forward to every day off. Ontario Craft Brewers not only make great beer, they have a passion for what they do and that translates into a great experience when you visit them. They are so welcoming and for the most part will talk about their brews all day if you have the time.
  So whether you just scroll on after the double tap to leave a heart or read all the way through and leave a comment, I thank you. Without this amazing community of Craft Beer enthusiasts and supporters, I wouldn't have found my voice again. My journey is truly just beginning and having new friends, old friends and great beer come together makes this Polkaroo's heart sing.
  That's an idea. Maybe I should start a singing beer review page. I do love a good tune......
Cheers and Thank you once again for following along!

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