1 February 2016

Beer of the Week - January 24th to January 30th

Sometimes your best intentions don't always work out. I usually make my Beer of the Week post on Sunday morning, but with all the excitement of the Burlington Beer festival and trying to squeeze in a nice breakfast with Mrs. Polkaroo before work, I plum ran out of time. But I am committed to this as part of my process and though this one may be a little late, it's because of action not inaction.
It is with that in mind that this weeks BOW came into being. I was out and about on Thursday when I was struck with the notion that I hadn't been to Nickel Brook Brewing Company in Burlington for quite some time. It is only about a 15 minute drive from my place just over the bridge and I had intended to get there way sooner. So of I went in search of beer. Be it new to me or an old favourite, I just needed some refreshments.
When I arrived, I poked around and just sort of checked everything out before deciding on what beers I wanted. They have a wall of glass so you can peer in on the action at the brewery, pretty cool. The staff was friendly and very kind. I picked up a bottle of their Pilot Project, Cafe Bastardo, for a later date.  It's an Imperial stout and I can't decide whether to age it or drink it now. Tough choices.
To age or not to age?
That's the real question.
Some cans of Headstock found their way into my box as well as some wicked stickers and coasters you can grab while they fill your growler. But it was what I put in my growler that makes it to the top of my list this week.
I can vaguely remember having Naughty Neighbour some years ago and being turned off by the pine tree flavour I used to think all IPAs' had. I couldn't stomach any kind of real flavour in my Brava Light days and it remained an elusive mystery to me. Fast forward to 2016, and I am a full fledged Hop Head. I love the tropical citrus notes and the bitterness that a good pale ale can bring to the table.  I picked this beer for my Growler for a couple of reasons. One was that a fresh IPA is the best kind. Unlike a big old stout, this style is really at it's most desireable when it is right from the brewery. The second was that it is only 4.9% ABV and I love a good "sesssion" beer. That of course is a low alcohol brew that you can have a few of in a night without toddling off into the land of the Drunk Polkaroo.
Naughty Neighbour is an extremely accessible Pale Ale. It most definitely has the citrus notes, but also has a smooth malt body that helps to temper that sort of bitter, piney and resin flavour that will turn off a novice beer explorer. It's a crisp and refreshing beer that will leave you with the impression that maybe you could handle something a little more intense. Maybe try Headstock, which comes in at 80 IBUs compared to NN's 38, but is still very much a tasty brew. I like that I have come around on this style of beer and if you are able to get a growler fill of an IPA from your local brewery; Run, don't walk.
The freshness factor coupled with the low ABV and delicious flavours make this an easy choice for the BOW to end January. Check out my video review of how awesome it is to drink Naughty Neighbour on my Youtube channel. It was just a fine damn beer.
Thanks once again to Nickel Brook for all the great flavours and congrats on the BOW for Naughty Neighbour! A classic beer and one that will always be found in my fridge.

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