2 February 2016

Super Bowl Beers

The big day is fast approaching. You've got your nachos, pizza, wings and assorted bowls of snack foods prepared to go. Friends and family will gather round the glow of your big screen and take part in an American ritual older than me. I'm of course talking about the Super Bowl and all that it entails. This year is the 50th version of the NFL Championship and it seems to get bigger every year. It doesn't matter if you are a football fan or not, most people know of the game and many have some sort of party that involves food and of course, beer.
But there is a catch to all this fun. It is on Sunday. That means work the next day for the vast majority of people and if you're like me, you do not want to spend Monday fighting a hangover for 8 plus hours. So it is with that in mind that I bring you some suggestions to help you enjoy the game with some great beer that won't leave you hanging the next day.
I have been evolving on what I bring with me when I go to a party or event. I went way too big and robust on New Year's Eve and even with moderation had a bit of a headache the next day. My subsequent revisions of my travelling beer list has helped to alleviate this problem. I would advise you to avoid anything Imperial or above 7% ABV. When you get to having a good time, sometimes you forget that those big boozy bastards can pack quite a hidden punch.
I'm thinking lower ABV, but not lower taste. You don't need crazy high alcohol to enjoy great flavour and what better way to celebrate the end of the gridiron season than with some fine Canadian Craft beer. I'll give you some different styles so you can mix it up and have something for everyone. All of these should be easily available at your local LCBO, so get shopping now and chill these babies for Sunday. If you'd like to see these and some other great choices, go check out my YouTube channel, for my weekly video post. This week is all about choices in your beer for Super Bowl.

What we think of as regular beers. If you have someone who drinks Coors or Canadian, give them one of these. They have all natural ingredients, great flavour and even better, they are lower in ABV.

  1. 416 Local Lager - Amsterdam Brewing Company (4.16%) Clean, crisp Lager.
  2. Craft Lager - Muskoka Brewing Company (4.8%) - Unfiltered, cloudy. Malty.
  3. Anti-Gravity - Flying Monkeys Brewery (4%) - Full bodied.
  4. Tennent's - Caledonian Brewery (4%) - Scottish. Malt and floral notes.
  5. Dark 266 - Cameron's Brewing (4.5%) -Black Lager
American Pale Ales
These beers have a little more in the hoppy department. Not crazy big, but definitely a change from the everyday.

  1. Naughty Neighbour (4.9%) - Nickel Brook Brewing - Classic APA with citrus and malt.
  2. Canadian Pale Ale (4.9%) - Old Tomorrow Brewing - Mango and citrus front, ready caramel back.
  3. Cruiser Pale Ale (4.9%) - Amsterdam Brewing Company - Pineapple, grapefruit and malt again. Crushable.
English Pale Ales
Getting a little more bready and biscuit flavours. More toasted malts than bitter hops. Smooth.

  1. Pompous Ass Ale (4.2%) - Great Lakes Brewing - My go-to brew. Crisp and slightly bitter.
  2. Special Pale Ale (4.5%) -Wellington Brewery - A little hoppy, but great malt and accessible.
Amber Ales
Get some red love in your life. Sweeter with almost no bitterness.
  1. Grindstone (4.8%) - Broadhead Brewing - A slight bitter to go with the sweet.
  2. Amber (4.25%) - Hockley Valley Brewing - Smooth and clean. Easy drinking.
Get your hops on without getting crazy drunk. Bitter, piney and citrus coming at you.
  1. Red Racer ISA (4%) - Central City - Light and fruity with citrus and malt back.
  2. Genius of Suburbia (3.8%) - Flying Monkeys Brewery - Piney. Strong citrus up front. Drinks bigger than it is.
  3. Detour (4.3%) - Muskoka Brewing - Fruity and hoppy.
  4. State of Mind (4.4%) - Collective Arts - Citrus, resin and pine. Dry Finish.
Blonde Ale
Blondes do have more fun if you like a little orange and lemon in your brews.
  1. 100 (4.2%) - Hockley Valley Brewing - Hints of lemon. Light and crisp.
  2. Cause & Effect (4.7%) - Nickel Brook Brewing - A little hoppy with a clean citrus flavour.
  3. Saint of Circumstance (4.7%) - Collective Arts Brewing - Cloudy. lemon and orange with some zing.
Grab Bag of Styles
Three more that are low ABV and give you some different options.

  1. Newcastle Brown Ale (4.7%) - John Smiths - English. Nutty, lightly malted
  2. French Press Vanilla Stout (4.8%) - Double Trouble Brewing - Chocolate, vanilla, coffee. Tastes bigger than it is.
  3. Steamwhistle (5%) - Steamwhistle Brewing - Pilsner. Grassy and floral. Crisp and clean tasting.
There you have it. I think having some different beers for the night makes it a little more fun. I rarely drink two of the same brew when I watch the game because I really like to experience a bunch of flavours and it helps me to slow down a bit so I can actually be coherent and enjoy the spectacle. So plan ahead, get something you haven't had before and try to give your guests something out of the ordinary.
As always, please don't drink and drive and be sure to have options for your friends to stay over or take a cab home. No one wants to be remembered for being a jackass and driving while intoxicated is probably the stupidest thing you can do. Stay safe and enjoy the party.


  1. Great Post!! Also great beers... still a couple in there I have yet to try..a big world it is!!


    1. Thanks! And I agree...So many choices. But it is awesome to try new beers and enjoy old favourites!