17 January 2016

Beer of the Week - January 10th to January 16th

I usually have a hard time picking the Beer of the Week (BOW), and this week might have been the toughest yet. So many great new beers from Stouts to Saisons, but only one could win.
Trying new things is my theme of 2016 and in that vein, I made some short videos and put them up on my YouTube channel, here. Give them a look and get a peek inside how I explore the flavours, textures and aromas of my beer. Plus my shirts are pretty cool. Another expansion of my digital footprint is my Facebook page. It should help connect all the different expressions of my love for beer in one convenient place. Join us, we may have donuts.
I want to expand how I communicate with you and show you beer is not just a thing to smell, taste and feel, it is a visual and aural experience as well. What you see and hear when you open and pour your beer is also important in understanding what it is all about. The whole beer is something I refer to often when I talk about my brew and it includes all 5 senses.
Having said that, it is the beer that gives me purpose and this week I landed a whale. The term alludes to a highly sought after, but not easily attainable brew. It is in reference to Captain Ahab's single minded pursuit of Moby Dick and it isn't far of the mark for me with this beer.
Founder's Brewing from Michigan makes many unique and delicious beers that come in their distinctive "stubby" bottle. Rarely a misstep from these guys and I jump at the chance to try anything new when we venture south of the 49th parallel. As you begin to explore all the beer blogs, magazines, Instagram accounts and various other forms of digital media, some beers pop out at you more than others.
Just damn great beer!
The Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Breakfast Stout from Founder's was one of those for me. From the cool label with a baby on it that gave them some problems is New Hampshire (since cleared up) to the descriptions I have read of its contents, this beer had me chasing it in my dreams.
When we went to the States a couple of weeks ago, I finally found it at a Wegman's. A joyful day indeed. Waiting for just the right occasion to open it, I figured my first Saturday off in 6 months was a good enough reason. It poured a deep sea black with a tan head that kept coming back. The aroma of fresh ground coffee kept beckoning me forward. When I took my first sip, I understood the hype. Creamy and smooth with a dominate coffee flavour. Well roasted malts also give off a chocolate note that helps to level out the bitterness. The finish is dry and has the distinct note of  bitter black coffee, but in a good way. Put this in your mug for breakfast and you'll start the day off right. It is a pretty strong beer at 8.3% ABV and 60 IBUs, so you'll want to take your time with it. I'd recommend having some more bacon.
I really wish I had grabbed a 12 pack when we were down there, my life needs more of this wonderful beer in it. I imagine I can a still taste it, but alas, it is no more. The next time we go on a beer hunt, I will harpoon more than one and you can come over and join the cult of Founder's with me. We may not have donuts, but we do have outstanding beers!
That it can't be found here in Canada makes me sad, but I am still going to say Congratulations to Founder's Brewing Company and their Breakfast Stout for winning the BOW and delivering a reminder that sometimes life gives you exactly what your looking for.

The label that started it all.

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