20 November 2017

Why the Drunk Polkaroo?

  Why do I call myself the Drunk Polkaroo? What are the origins of the name? What the hell is a Polkaroo?
 The best place to begin is at the start.
 The Polkaroo was a character from a children's show on TVO called Polka Dot Door. On the show there are two hosts, a man and a woman. Whenever the Polkaroo would appear, the man was never around and when he would come back to the show later, he would always be so disappointed. When I was little, it never occurred to me that the man was indeed dressed up as Polkaroo and that is why he never got to meet him.
Regular Polkaroo.

  Drunk Polkaroo came about when I was in my macro beer pounding days. Routinely over consuming and forgetting what I was doing usually had no real consequence except for a pounding headache and a wasted day after. But sometimes, the Drunk Polkaroo would pop his head out and promise to do stuff the next day or week and I would have no recollection of these until prompted. Finally, after a night of stupid pounding of Old Milwaukee and then finding out that I had made plans I couldn't afford and had to cancel (yet again), I told my wife  " Sober Rob needs to meet up with Drunk Rob and have a talk with that guy, but he's never around when I am." And a little light bulb went off over my head. "I am the Drunk Polkaroo!" I shouted, and my wife just looked at me sideways and went back to her tablet.
  But a legend was being born that day and combined with the realisation that I no longer wished to lose control or drink huge quantities of shitty beer I began to play with my Instagram and lose myself in the flavours and textures of Craft Beer.
  But I never forget the lesson of the Drunk Polkaroo and work very hard to make sure I never go back to making plans I cannot remember or afford.

  Besides, it just sounds funny.



  1. Great back story with the name! Makes so much sense, and very relatable! Cheers!

  2. When a stellar beer comes out but it's sold out when I go to get it that's when I think "The Polkaroo! And I missed him again?