18 March 2016

Update to Polkapolooza 2016 and The Polkapocalypse!

It's been a tornado of activity for this normally sedate Polkaroo and my head is still spinning from all the new beer I've found on my travels.
On Tuesday, I made the solo trip to 6 breweries in the Guelph, Waterloo and Cambridge area. I made it despite the rather aged Jeep not being at its best. I nursed that baby through over 200 kilometers of Ontario's highways and biways and managed to grab a metric tonne of brews. Check out my Instagram for the pics and some more details. Needless to say it was a great lead up to my birthday that culminated in a surprise and impromptu beer share at my cousins house after we ran into each other when my parents took me out for dinner. Great night having a couple of brown pops with family !
Beer Road Trip!
Wednesday was up north day and our plan to hit up to 7 breweries was compromised when Mrs. Polkaoroo's car decided it was tired and stopped dead on the highway. Luckily we have CAA, so the tow back home to our mechanic was paid for and it was just 30 minutes into our journey, so not too much time was wasted. It took about an hour to figure out the culprit. It was a damn leaf. Somehow a leaf had bypassed the air filter and was covering the airflow sensor in the engine. Fluke of epic proportions and one that cost us almost $100. We managed to keep smiles on our faces and to be honest it wasn't the worst case scenario, so we laughed it off and continued north. Barrie brought 3 new breweries and then it was off to Gravenhurst and Bracebridge. Unfortunately due to the all the lost hours with the "Leaf of Much Trouble", we did not have time to make it to Lake of Bays or Collingwood. Next time.
Northern Beer haul.
So after 3 days I have logged over 800 kilometers or 500 miles. So now I know what I would walk 500 miles for. 11 breweries, 52 new beers, 10 new glasses and a lovely amount of time spent with my favourite person.
Today is Toronto day and this is one of my favourite cities in the whole world. Vibrant and constantly busy, it is energizing when I turn that corner on the highway and see its' iconic skyline. Lots to see and do there today, follow along on Twitter @drunkpolkaroo. Easier to post quick hits there, so I'll keep you updated.
One of my favourite places on the planet.
Saturday brings to an end all the travelling and searching. Along with 3 of my friends, we have decided to celebrate my birthday this past Wednesday and the conclusion of Polkapolooza 2016. It has been dubbed the "Polkapocalypse". We will be doing a road trip to 4 of my favourite local breweries to purchase and/or refill growlers, get beer stuff like new glassware and some other sundry items we may take a shine to. The four are Great Lakes Brewing in Etibicoke, Cameron's Brewing in Oakville, Nickel Brook Brewing in Burlington before finally coming to rest at my hometown favourite, Collective Arts Brewing. We will finish at C.A. for two reasons. One, it's the closest to home and two, I have come to think of them as an integral part of what keeps me from slipping back into bad habits. Their beer is always spot on, they have wicked can art and I always feel pride as a Hamilton boy when I walk into their bottle shop. Couldn't think of a better way to end this journey and when we are finished with our beer trip, and maybe have a nap, we will head to my cousins house where the true Polkapocalypse begins. We have decide to only enjoy the fresh beer we pick up that day, so growlers and half growlers will be our joy that evening. We will sharing them with other friends and family and that alone makes this trip worth it. With great craft beer like we are buying Saturday, it will lead to a thoughtful and delightful evening.
I will keep you updated on both Twitter  and Instagram as the day progresses and as always, we will be drinking not to avoid our lives, but to celebrate them. Stay safe my friends.
Before I finish, I was surprised with a gift from another cousin this week. He set up Drunkpolkaroo.com  and linked it to my Facebook page. Just awesome and if you need to find where all my stuff comes together, that's the place. For my video beer reviews, try Drunkpolkaroo.com/Youtube and you will be taken to my Youtube channel. Unexpected presents always make my day. Thank you Matt, I cannot express how happy this made me.
We will be working on making everything easy for you to find and share. plus I now have a sweet new email.  If you want to get in touch with me for anything, just send it to rob@drunkpolkaroo.com and maybe we can get together for a beer or two.
Cheers and thanks again for all the love and support.
I can't wait for Polkapolooza 2017!

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