16 February 2016

10 Thoughts on Craft Beer for a Tuesday Morning

1. They treat you right - Responsive, human and accessible. Craft beer makers are truly one of the best businesses when it comes time to interact with their consumers. It can be a wonderful back and forth when you take time to engage your drinkers. Thanks for listening.
2. They'll push the envelope - The big boys of beer may not understand it, but we love that our craft beer guys and gals take chances on new and innovative styles. Are they always a home run? No, but we never question their motives and applaud their ingenuity. Molson 67 Session IPA is a sad, desperate attempt to trick macro beer drinkers into not going Craft. Shock Top or Blue Moon? Just no.
3. Drinking local - Getting fresh beer and being able to sample different ones is such an awesome feeling. Supporting a local business is a wonderful thing. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than in your local breweries' tap room.
4. Discovering something new - Flavours, styles and aromas make up most of my beer experience. Finding out that banana and candy can be a beer note and that I could come to love and understand it was just amazing. Lagers are great but there is a whole wide world of beer styles out there.
5. Their events are about tasting and hanging out, not getting drunk. - Any event I attend for craft beer usually involves many different companies. It is always about getting to know the brewers and meeting up with fellow enthusiasts as much as the beer. The Coors Light Mystery Mansion probably isn't going to be about trying something innovative, just getting hammered on shitty beer.
6. Collaborations are the norm and not the exception - Ontario Craft brewers work together to create new beers, host events and generally support each other. They will drink each others beer and be open about it. I doubt you'd see the CEO of Molson's drinking a Bud or helping them out. Craft brewing is stronger because they stand together and while they each want you to try their beers and become a fan, they also realise that we want new and different things all the time and encourage us to be fans of all their friends as well.
7. Growlers - Big 1.89 litre jugs of my favourite beer. Fresh, refillable and cool looking. I keep buying one at each brewery I visit and sometimes I get two. If I live close enough, I can get something different every week. Awesome.
8. Seasonality - Bringing different beers out as the seasons change is a wonderful way to celebrate the year. I love waiting and anticipating the next release. Bring on the spring beers!
9. The Names - There are times I laugh so hard at a beer name (Long Dong Pilsner), that I just have to tell everyone about it. Craft brewers can have some fun with their branding and will push the line in naming them sometimes. It is always a treat to see what they come up with next.
10. The art of the label - Many craft brewers use local artists to decorate their offerings. Two of the best are Collective Arts and Great Lakes Brewing. As a guy who love to use his beer bottles and cans as decorations, it is great to have so many unique and amazing choices.

There you have it, 10 things this Tuesday morning to think about when you go looking for a new beer. Try something different today, your taste buds will thank you.


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