12 July 2018

In the Goblet - Radlers for the Summer of 2018

The Grotto Approved Radler Goblet

  The summer sun shines down and with the heat comes the appearance of a refreshing, low ABV beer style that keeps you cool and offers a break from the norm. Celebrating Radlers with the 14 I could find at my local LCBOs, I delve into this beer blended with fruit juices or soda to find my favourites and share them with you.
  The citrusy nature of these crushable summer drinks makes them ideal for Grotto livin', whether yours' is a patio, a balcony, a park or a backyard. Light but not without substance, I found many to be utterly delightful while some were decent but not memorable. I discovered through my own exploration that I prefer the radlers made with fruit juice to be more to my liking, less sweet and sugary than the ones made with soda. But everyone has their own preferences and I encourage you to try as many as you can to find the ones you want to keep in the cooler this summer.  
  Take a break and give yourself a moment to just enjoy life!

1.Ace Hill Radler - 2.5%
Made with organic juice concentrate from apple, grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime, I'm pretty interested in what comes out of the can. Surprisingly hazy with a thin white head that dissipates quickly. Smelling peach, orange, apple and grapefruit. On the sip, a lovely juiced up fruity mix that is up front with apple, peach, orange and grapefruit and has a tart but not sour finish. Lingers with grapefruit and apple with a dry backend. Refreshing and basically beer juice for multiple takes in the pool or grotto.  4.25/5

2. Schoferhoffer Wheat Beer Grapefruit Radler - 2.5%
Using fruit concentrate to mix this summer crusher, it pours a cloudy but few peach colour with that bubbly but quickly dissipating white head we've come to expect from the style. Smelling grapefruit, on the sip, a beautiful blend here with a juicy grapefruit, orange and lemon zest with a but of earthy wheat notes, perhaps even some banana. 4.25/5

3. Sawdust City Brewing Pink Grapefruit Radler - 3.5%
A mix of a golden ale and pink grapefruit juice, it pours a slightly cloudy pale gold with a fluffy white head that has some staying power. Smells of light grapefruit and lemon. On the sip, crushable, refreshing and citrusy with pink grapefruit notes and a nice bubbly carbonation with some tartness and a touch of lemon.  4/5

4. Moosehead Brewery Grapefruit Radler - 4.0%
 Grapefruit focused using fruit concentrate as opposed to soda. Pours cloudy and gold with a bubbly white ahead that sticks around unlike most of the other Radlers we've tried. Smelling a fresh grapefruit note. On the sip, a fuller textured body with a citrusy grapefruit and a lightly tart lemon note.  4/5

5. Stiegl Braueri Grapefruit Radler - 2.5%
50% grapefruit, lemon and orange fruit juice mixed with beer offers a European take on this summer crusher. Pours a cloudy soft gold with a bubbly white head that fades to the sides. Smelling mostly grapefruit up front. On the sip, orange and grapefruit juice dominate with the latter taking the lead. Slight tartness but all refreshing as this juicy patio pint does exactly what it should do...refresh and renew. Lingers with a dry and citrusy grapefruit. 4/5

6. Waterloo Brewing Raspberry Radler - 3.1%
Pours a lovely shade of rose with that same bubbly head we've come to see in all our Radlers. Again made with fruit concentrate, not soda, it smells of raspberries, juicy and sweet. On the sip, bright with a nice sweet/tart kick from the raspberry, it's effervescent and refreshing, giving the Grapefruit a run for its money as my fave of the pack. Dry with lingering berry notes 4/5

7. Grolsch Radler - 2.0%
Made with real lemon and orange juice in addition to the beer. Pours a cloudy pale yellow with a fast dissolving white head, it smells of lemons. On the sip, right where I want it with a bright lemon citrus up front, light tart and sweet notes, a little like lemonade but not overly sugary. A touch of that orange on the dry finish but this one has lemon lover written all over it. 4/5

8. Waterloo Brewing Grapefruit Radler - 3.1%
It pours a clean gold with a bubbly white head that disappears quickly and it has scents of fresh grapefruit. On the sip, a delightfully citrusy and tart grapefruit with a nice dry and acidic finish. Easily going down fast and refreshing, I like the bit of peel I'm getting that makes it like biting into a slice of real grapefruit.  4/5

9. Waterloo Brewing Citrus Radler - 3.1%
Pouring a relatively clear gold with a crackling but fast fading white head, it's got a bright lemon lime scent. On the sip, crisp and bubbly with a nice lemon front and lime coming in to deliver a bit of a light sour note. Some sweetness, but since it's using fruit concentrate and not soda, I find it's not so sickly sweet.  3.75/5

10. Old Tomorrow Beer Honey Ginger Shandy - 3.0%
It pours clear and golden with a bubbly white head that fades quickly. Smelling ginger and lemon with some honey. On the sip, the ginger ale they used in making this shines with a lovely honey smoothness added. Ginger and lemon with a bubbly carbonation that makes it eminently crushable. The sweetness may be a bit much for me, I like a little more juiciness, but this is a different take on the style and one that has a place with those who enjoy that particular way of making this delightful summer drink. 3.5/5

11. Warsteiner Brewery Grapefruit Radler - 2.5%
Made with half Pilsner and half flavoured carbonated drink, it pours a cloudy pale peach with a bubbly white head that disappears quickly. Smelling sweet grapefruit notes. On the sip, a crisp and carbed up citrus grapefruit with some sweetness from the added soda, cut a little by the Pilsner but still a little too much sugar for my liking.  3.5/5

12. Big Rig Brewery Bongo Grapefruit Radler - 2.9%
  Pouring a cloudy light grapefruit colour with a fast dissipating bubbly white head, it smells of sweet grapefruit soda. On the sip, grapefruit with a sweet soda kick and a bubbly carbonation make for a refreshing patio beer that will have an appeal to folks who enjoy that kind of thing. A little too sweet for me, but it went down fast and with that ABV leaves you room for more. 3.25/5
13. Bud Light Lemonade Radler - 2.4%
  I said I would try all the available radlers at the LCBO this summer that I could find and because I am a man of my word, here we go. Sickly sweet, like a powdered lemonade drink from when you were a kid. Just no. 0.75/5

14. Bud Light Grapefruit Radler - 2.4%

  Somehow worse than the lemonade, sickly sweet with a fake tartness that is like someone rubbed sugar all over a grapefruit air freshener. Never drink this. 0.50/5

  A fine list of Radlers for you to try and a couple to avoid as we make our way deeper into this season of Pools, Pals and Pints.
For all the videos, head to the 2018 Radlers/Shandys Playlist on my Youtube channel and see what I thought with a little more live action.



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