26 September 2017

Just One Tonight

A good night.
It's late Monday night or maybe the clock has rolled over and it's very early on a Tuesday morning. Matters not as another day has come and gone and I am tired. Life is pretty good and last night's Grotto beer party with Kat was a nice break, albeit one that left me a little punched this morning. Not hungover but pretty spent in a good way, great beer rarely leaves me feeling anywhere near where the Old Mil or Pabst did. We enjoyed several amazing pints, big boozy bastards and light wheat beers included and it was an almost perfect night.
Grotto Beer par excellence

  The work day was supposed to be short with only a quick few hours but as nothing I ever plan about my life, it turned into another 10 hour shift. So when I got home tonight (yesterday?), I was of the mood that it would again be a multiple brew night, including a few big Imperial IPAs I had picked up on the way home. There is a constant threat of that kind of behaviour and despite my ability to keep it in check (most of the time), I do still slip into Old Polk mode when the stress of the day gets to me or I just feel like it.
  Tonight had that vibe as I rolled in and quickly shed the trappings of my work life. I am all about comfort at home and am most often found in sweats with a loose shirt allowing for maximum fat guy relaxation.  Pausing to say hello to Kat and Jinx, I headed to the garage for what was to be the first of many beers this humid September evening. A delightfully refreshing Beau's All Natural Cranberry Oat Ale was perfect and at 6.3% ABV, a nice slow sipping, slightly tart beauty that would allow for maximum ramping up as the night went on.
Tonight's only beer.

 As I tried to get a picture before the sun was gone for the night something clicked and I knew I was going to be one and done. I can't describe it, there's never a plan to drink 1, 2 or 6 beers, I just come home, have a bite, drink a beer and see where it takes me. The freedom of being childless comes to the front most often when I get 4 deep on a Monday night and don't have to worry about a little one needing Dad's attention. It can also lead to too much self indulgence but that's the price you pay for being a guy like me. Kidding, but sometimes I wonder if I would walk away from the whole craft beer thing if we had been able to conceive...
  We watched a few season premieres of some of our favourite TV shows and I felt no desire to open another beer. I thought about it, I always do, but it seemed to me that after 675 days of having at least one beer, I was good with that single on this particular night. That's the thing with how I live, it is completely without pretense or plan, I do what I have to for survival but the rest is all a huge crapshoot most days. Not to say that I hate my life or live without purpose, it's just that I let myself embrace whatever catches my fancy after my responsibilities are taken care of and that's how we get here. One night, One beer and a happy Polk letting you in on a day that wasn't about anything but a nice mellow evening of a boring married couple who know enough to know they know nothing.
  Plus I am off tomorrow (today?) so there is always Day Drinking as a possibility...
Raised to you from me!
Raise your Glass and your standards,
One beer at a Time.



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