4 March 2017

Day 5 Route Polkapolooza 2 (Electric Polkaloo)

Day five of Polkapolooza falls on my actual birthday and to celebrate we are heading out to some of my most favourite quasi local Ontario Craft Brewers. Starting with a trip to the beautiful St. Jacobs location and Block 3 Brewing, we hope to meet up with friends again, old and new to raise a pint and enjoy all the great things this adobe building has to offer.

Making our way down the road to hopefully visit with one of the most honest and outspoken people in craft beer, Steve Innocente and his like named brewery. What special brews will await us to buy and bring home I do not know, but I do know they will be interesting and outstanding.

  Next we will head out to Descendants Beer and Beverage Company and it is one of the places that feels like a home away from home. Hospitable and always jumping, its a good spot to grab a bite.
Making our way as the afternoon rolls on to the fun and laughter at Together We're Bitter, Kat will be happy to create some more photos like the ones she came up with last time we stopped in.
Can't pass up the chance to finally meet the couple behind Short Finger Brewing and pick up some supplies for our next homebrew, an imperial stout called Less...get it...Less...Kathryn thinks my dad jokes suck, but I am improving every day in my non dad opinion. 

  Our final stop in the KW area will be one of the first Craft brewers that helped me start the revolution of my own drinking habits, Grand River Brewing. 

After an afternoon around this underrated part of Ontario Craft beer, we will be then turning toward my two "home" breweries for not only some pickups but to honour all they mean to me. First will be my hometown heroes at Collective Arts. Long a favourite of mine, it will be a growler fill of my favourite, Ransack the Universe and something new to fill a six pack before we head east a bit and stop in at the brewery that keeps me filled with the funk.
Burlington's Nickel Brook Brewing has always been my go to for craft beer, even before I made the leap to being the Drunk Polkaroo.  The good people I have come to know at the brewery are always welcoming and have been instrumental in my growth as a beer drinker. John has stopped and had conversations about beer life and everything so many times that I always hope he is in when I stop by because he always has a story or two to tell. I will again fill my cooler with old favourites and new funky offerings before we head home and a beauty BBQ dinner of steak that I will cook and enjoy some fresh beer from the days past.
  Day 6 will dawn with Toronto on my mind and that will be the story you can come back for tomorrow.

Raise your glass and your standards,
One beer at a time.



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