10 December 2016

National Lager Day 2016

National Lager Day is a celebration of that bottom fermenting brew that remains the most popular style of beer in the world. While I don't indulge in a lager very often, there is something to be said for a well brewed, classic beer. Not the easiest style to create, requiring precise temperature control and a longer storage time (lagering is German for storeroom or warehouse), this accessible beer is the staple of many a holiday party as December rolls along; and it is pretty tough to say no if someone offers you a drink under the lights of the Christmas tree. But there are far better options than a Canadian or Budweiser out there.
Back when I was pounding macro beer in search of the darkness, the lagers I found were the cheapest available and lacked anything in the way of true flavour, having to be consumed as cold as possible and without thought. Craft beer makers have not abandoned the lager, despite the fact that you rarely see it in your social media feeds. Brewed properly and with only all natural ingredients (no rice or added sugars), a good lager can be as flavourful and enjoyable as any other beer and it doesn't hurt to have something "regular " to share with your non Crafty friends when they stop in for a visit during the most festive of seasons. While I always offer to sample any of my IPAs, stouts or porters, I think it is important to have something that will be able to be enjoyed by anyone who just wants a refreshing beverage and maybe hasn't started on the road to better beer. Think of it as being a good host and being able to help spread the gospel of better beer at the same time.

So head out to your local brewery, The Beer Store or LCBO and grab a few these underappreciated gems. Share them with the folks who think craft beer is all hoppy or bitter beer and bring them to the good side of life.
Happy Christmas partying and remember to drink responsibly.

I'm only listing lagers I have tried the past year, you may have a craft brewer in your area that offers one I haven't had.  So head on over and give them a try, you'll be surprised at how good this beer can be.

Side Launch Brewing Lager
Lake of Bays Rock Cut Lager
Grand River Brewing Tailgate Lager
Amsterdam Brewing 3 Speed Lager
Muskoka Brewing Craft Lager
Cameron's Brewing Captain's Log Lager
Hockley Valley Brewing Classic Lager
Muddy York Brewing Munich Helles Lager
Shawn & Ed's Lageshed Original 

Pilsners are another great gateway to craft beer, not overwhelming and always a good option as well. Again, only listing the pilly's I've tried and enjoyed this year.

Stonehammer Pilsner
Hop City Polly Wants a Pilsner
Double Trouble Prison Break Pilsner
Steam Whistle
Flying Monkey's Mythology Canadian Golden Pilsner

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