1 December 2016

Craft Beer Mix Packs for the Holidays

It's December and you need to grab some beer to bring with you to that party. But you don't want to show up with the same six pack of Stella that everyone else brings because it looks "fancy". You want something different and delicious, you want to share your love of great craft beer with your friends, co-workers and family. 
 I've taken the time to "research" (okay, drink all the beer) the best Mix packs available at the LCBO for you and let me tell you work never tasted so good.
Listed by brewery alphabetically with the product number, cost breakdown and a quick hit of who it would be good for and a few notes.
I rate each pack based on it's mix of styles and the ability to share it with the most people.
There is also a link to my Pints with Polk video reviews for each one!
If your looking to make a splash at that holiday party, pick one of these up and be the star! Let's see what we have...

Top of the Hops - Amsterdam Brewing
LCBO # 488155
6 473 ml. Tall Boys
2 each of Cruiser (Pale Ale), Pale Rider (India Pale Lager) and Boneshaker (IPA)
Cost - $17.95 ($2.99 a can, $0.63 a ml.)
Who's it for - Hop Heads, Craft Beer Explorers
Notes - 3 great hoppy options so it's made for sharing and comparing or just enjoying.
Mix Pack Rating - 3.5/5
Best of Beau's 2016 - Beau's All Natural Brewing
LCBO # 487769
4 600 ml. Bottles
1 each of Bush Fire (Rooibos Honeybush lager), Collabrrrewnaught (Espresso Pilsner), Quads & Rockers (Belgian Quad, Strong Beer) and Dark Helmut (Imperial Dark Beer)
Cost - $26.00 ($6.50 a bottle, $0.75 per ml.)
Who's it for - Craft Beer Explorers, Enthusiasts, People who love to explore different flavours
Notes - 4 unique beers with some very different flavour profiles. Not for the Novice Craft Beer drinker, but a great exploration of the styles. Sharing is encouraged to showcase it's uniqueness
Mix Pack Rating - 4/5
Video Review Here - Pints with Polk

Brewmaster Selection - Cameron's Brewing
LCBO # 480285
4 473 ml. Tall Boys
1 Each of Ambear (Red Ale), Cosmic (Cream Ale), Black Forest (Dark Lager) and Bamberg Castle (Smoked Ale)
Cost - $11.50 ($2.87 a can, $0.61 per ml.)
Who's it for - New to Craft beer explorers, Ethusiasts, Friends who like to try new things
Notes - 2 classic beers, a relaunch of the Dark lager and a very accessible smoked ale. Something to share with everyone.
Mix Pack Rating - 3.5/5
Video review here - Pints with Polk

Taster Pack - Hockley Valley Brewing
LCBO # 381186
3 473 ml. Tall Boys
1 each of Hockley Classic (Lager), Amber (Red Ale), Dark (Brown Ale)
Cost - $7.95 ($2.65 a can, $0.56 per ml.)
Who's it for - A beer for everyone in here. From your macro loving dad to your craft beer enthusiast.
Notes - Every one of these are sharable and make great gateway beers to more adventurous styles. Split them and enjoy.
Mix Pack Rating - 3.5/5

Holiday Loot Pack - Double Trouble Brewing
LCBO # 385484
6 473 ml. Tall Boys
2 each of Prison Break (Dry Hopped Pilsner), Hops & Robbers (Session IPA) and Fire in the Rye ( Rye Pale Ale)
Cost - $15.95 ( $2.65 a can, $0.56 per ml.)
Who's it for - People ready to take a step up in their beer game, medium level enthusiasts.
Notes - 3 different beers but 2 of each means sharing and comparing what you like. Easy to drink and enjoy.
Mix Pack Rating - 3.25/5

Winter Survival Pack - Muskoka Brewing
LCBO # 474361
6 473 ml. Tall Boys
1 each of Craft Lager (Lager), Cream Ale (Cream Ale), Detour (Session IPA), WinterWeiss (Dunkelweizen), Mad Tom (IPA) and Shinniked (Stout)
Cost - $17.95 ($2.99 a can, $0.63 per ml.)
Who's it for - Everyone. Hop Heads, Lager Lovers, Stout Samplers etc.
Notes - A seriously balanced pack that literally contains one beer for everyone on the beer spectrum. Taste away and share each one.
Mix Pack Rating - 4.5/5
Video review here - Pints with Polk

Holiday Gift Pack - Railway City Brewing
LCBO # 385518
3 473 ml. Tall Boys and a Branded Pint Glass
1 each of the Festive Lager (Cranberry Lager), Dead Elephant (Pale Ale) and Black Coal (Stout)
Cost - $13.95 ($3.48 per can, $0.98 per ml.)
Who's it for - Lager heads, Stout lovers, glassware folks
Notes - A good crossover with the flavoured lager. Stout and pale ale are classic favourites.
Mix Pack Rating - 3.25/5
Video review here - Pints with Polk
Re-Booted Mix Pack - Wellington Brewing
LCBO # 479436
4 355 ml. Bottles
1 each of Chocloate Milk Sout (Stout), Terrestrial (Brown Ale), S'Wheat Tang (Hoppy Wheat Ale) and Quick Brown Fox (ESB)
Cost - $9.95 ($2.49 per bottle, $0.70 per ml.)
Who's it for - Craft Beer fans, seekers of new flavours, dark beer geeks, wheat fiends
Notes - One offs making a comeback. Single serve size bottles are awesome for that mixer your going to. Great gift for the boss.
Mix Pack Rating - 4/5

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