28 August 2016

Cameron's Brewing Cask Night - Raising Pints and Sharing Laughs!

Everyone of these is a moment I cherish. What a night!
Make your way with me this past Friday to Cameron's Brewing Company and their quarterly Cask Night. Some of my favourite people in Craft beer work here and I always feel like I'm coming home whenever I get the chance to stop by. This night was a little more special because so many of the folks I know and love from Instagram were there and it made for an epic evening and a wee bit of a tired Polkaroo the next day.
From the moment you walk in the door you are welcomed with enthusiasm and a personal touch you find only in this community. The brewery is spotless and the music was pumping from the back. Eyeing the casks, I settled on Unfiltered Steamwhistle first and was pleasantly surprised by how much more malty it was. The regular is a ubiquitous selection in our house as it can be enjoyed by even the non craft drinkers who visit. Mrs. Polkaroo is a huge Steamwhistle fan and returned again and again for this treat of a beer.
I headed back toward the front and the Cameron's table next. They had a refreshing saison and one of my faves of the night in a Lager Noire that will be exclusive to Craft beer delivery service The Brew Box coming out soon. If you want to know what its like, I was lucky enough to get a bottle from Beer Saint Mike (Kanobi2000 on IG) and enjoyed it with relish. Review as always on my IG, Drunk Polkaroo So many more choices awaited and I ventured off to explore even more.
Two beauties right here.
It did seem every time I turned around, more friends, new and old, came into my path. Fellow beer writer Don Redmond (Check out his blog here) was already there with his pal from BC, Liz. His infectious joy at all things craft and his ever present smile made the start to my evening go up over the top and it was only 7:30. We haven't been able to spend a lot of time outside of our online friendship so it was wonderful to be able to actually talk beer with one of my favourite beer bloggers.
Great beer minds think and apparently dress alike! Donny is the best!
Moving a little forward into the brewery, past the bright tanks and fodder, I encountered my old friend from Innocente Brewing, Craig, manning the casks of strawberry Conscience and a Peach Hefe. The nose on the Conscience was so full of the berry and it was a pleasant way to enjoy a great IPA. Hefe with peach is a great idea and one I might bring to the table for our next homebrew project.
These two were spot on. Innocente does things right!
As always, I encountered even more friends and for the first time came face to face with Danielle (Fiona Face on IG) and fellow beer geek Brett, whose IFindBeerEnjoyable Instagram is full of the most amazing pictures of Craft beer. Meeting in the real world, I was immediately drawn in by their pure happiness and smiling faces. So wonderful that the people I meet are exactly like they are online and  I cannot wait to head up north in the fall to spend some real quality time with these two fine folks.

The beer was awesome, but these two were even better. Raising glasses and friendship in the barrel room.
 Someone who I had been lucky enough to spend a little time with before, Robin (BeerCoreDroid on IG) is another explorer of the world of craft. His palate is one of the best I've encountered and we keep trying to make plans for a collaboration homebrew. It will happen and it will be delicious. He also had the Beer Saint moment of the night when he dropped 2 bottles of Halo Brewing's beer into my hands as well as a whale of a beer in Oskar Blues Ten Fidy. I can't tell you how overwhelmed I still am by his generosity and cannot wait to raise a few next month with my good friend.
The man who has taken being a Beer Saint to a whole other level.
Onward into the night we travelled and when I saw that Ash Ritchie (loads of great pics of her Insta here) had arrived I was so happy. I haven't had much time to chat with her lately and she is recovering from a rather nasty bout with something that knocked her out of commission for a while. She was back to to her old self Friday night and it was my pleasure to be able to spend time with this positive force in the craft beer world.

The undefeatable Ash Ritchie.
What night out would be complete without some time spent with two of our first friends made in craft beer, Joan and Steven (CraftBeerandBacon on IG). We have raised pints and shared meals with these amazing people, talked late into the night and traded our favourite beers. They were the inspiration for Beer Saints and continue to be two of my favourite people whom I've had the pleasure of getting to know.
Four beer friends reunite and all is right with the world

We didn't come alone to Cameron's as my decade long beer drinking pal Brett (WobbleyMoose on IG) and his pregnant wife and DD Leanne joined us. They've been there for the hell of macro over consumption and with their world about to change forever, I am glad the light has dawned and I am here to see it happen. We may grow old, but never apart

We don't get wobbley much anymore, but better beer makes us smile!

 What night out would be complete without the lovely Kat by my side. As Mrs. Polkaroo, she is the perfect companion to my travels and it is a great joy for me to watch her try new beers. It might get a little more expensive on my beer runs as she is coming to love so many more craft beers. She's my anchor in the storm and these events are even better when she is with me.
All smiles and with Kat by my side, there isn't anything more I need in the world.
 There were so many more beer friends that we ran into but of course I am a talker and not a photographer, so I will try to catch you all at the next event for a picture. Big thank you again to the people who work at Cameron's. From owner and president Bill Coleman and his passion for making great beer to the guys and gals working the front and back, you made my night with this one. Truth be told, the rebrand, new beers and direction taken by this 19 year old brewery speaks volumes about all of you. I can't wait to see what the celebrations are going to bring when you turn 20 next year. You know the Instagram crew will be there, cheering and drinking with you as we raise pints to one of the finest Ontario Craft beer brewers out there.

Raise your glass and your standards with great beer and people at Cameron's Brewing Cask Night!

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