15 January 2016

Cameron's Brewing - A Quick Visit and an Amazing Deal

Mrs. Polkaroo and I had an appointment in Burlington on Thursday and I figured since we were only 15 minutes away, why not drop in to Cameron's Brewing Company and check it out. They only do tours on Saturday, so we were out of luck for that, but I had a beer to drop off for a friend from Instagram and he had one for me, so at least there was some fun to be had.  When we got there, I scoped out all they had in their showroom at the front while I waited for the ladies in front of us to finish their purchases. I had already decided to get a Growler ($6), which is a refillable 64 ounce glass container with the sweet Cameron's logo on it, and have it filled with their Dark 266 lager.
So damn good.
When I saw the deal they had, I got two (the 266 and a Tripel). For $55, you get 6 growler fills. That is a savings of over $25 and who doesn't like a bargain when it comes to beer.  The next time you come in for a fill, just present your card and they'll use the hole punch to mark it off and give you a refill. This is ideal for me, since Kat works nearby and can grab one for me whenever I need it, without having to pay for anything else. Just remember that this is fresh beer and you need to consume it within 4 or 5 days unopened and within 24 hours once you crack it open. Sharing is caring!
Get one today! Great deal.
I also bought a Cameron's pint glass with a logo for $5 and should have bought all of the styles. I am such a sucker for different shapes and sizes in my beer glasses. So that is something I will be getting next time I am in. Plus, they will look great on the shelves.
Great logo.
The service was friendly and quick. Very helpful people who clearly love what they do. This is going to be a recurring theme I imagine. It seems that this industry attracts a certain type of personality and it shows in their dedication to helping people understand their products. Being passionate about Craft Beer has changed my life and as I go forth on my journey around the province and the Year of Beer, I am so happy to meet other people who share my love of a well made brew.
As for the beer, The Dark 266 lager had a roasted malt flavour that combined chocolate and coffee notes with a crisp and refreshing texture. Not heavy and low in ABV (4.5%) this beer is an easy drinking, but flavourful, alternative to your regular choices. I finished my first growler last night and will be getting a refill soon. The Tripel (7.5%) will have to wait until the weekend.
I will find a way to get back for the tour as well. I work most Saturdays, but when I do get one off, my travels will take me where the beer is made. I have only been on one brewery tour (Steamwhistle) and as it was back in my binge drinking days, I don't remember much about it. This time, I plan on being present and learning all I can about the process of making great beer.
I endeavour to drink local and hope to make Cameron's a regular in my fridge. You should too. They have a good selection of different styles and seasonal offerings that will delight and challenge you. Here is a link to their website, check them out. The next time you are driving around and see a sign for a local brewery, do yourself a favour and stop in for a taste. It might change your opinion and as in my case, save your life.

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