21 November 2017

730 Days Later...One Beer at a Time


2 Years.  730 consecutive days.   Over 2000 Instagram beer reviews containing more than One Million words about craft beer. It's been a long, strange trip...and it's just getting started!

  On November 21st, 2015 I posted a beer review on Instagram, as I had been doing sporadically for a year or so. Nothing ground breaking or in depth, hell the picture wasn't even very good, but it marked the 1st day of that 730 in a row I drank and reviewed a beer. It was never my intention to do it, I couldn't imagine where the next two years would take me but it has become a part of who I am and I am proud of what I have accomplished.
November 21st, 2015

  I have always strived to be honest in what I write, be it a beer review or something more important. I haven't changed my style from when no one was reading my posts and I think that is why I have made so many new friends. I have no pretensions or goals when it comes to talking about my beer. I drink it, write what I taste and give it a score. The scoring a beer out of 5 has evolved a bit from how much I liked it to how I feel it meets the style requirements but that's about all I have changed since I first coined "On the sip,"
And counting...
 The writing part is almost more fun than the drinking and the fact that everyday I know I will be able to write anything from a couple of hundred words about a particular beer to many thousand in a blog post makes me happy. I look forward to finding a voice and a narrative each time and often it starts a whole other conversation as the evening rolls along. I am far past the age when I am given to dreaming about what I'll be when I grow up but I can at least say I'm a writer, even if it's just about my foibles, my past and my beer.
I understand that having a beer every day for 2 years isn't everyone's idea of a good thing. Most people I talk to think it's crazy and that I should seek some help. I try to explain that it is in having and writing about that beer that I have come to understand the demons that plagued me for so long, but a lot of them still think I'm getting hammered every night and partying my life away. The truth is that I do my job, enjoy a little time with Kat and then look in the fridge for the evenings libation. Most nights I have 1 or 2 and enjoy the game or a movie while talking to my friends on social media. I don't go out a lot because we are still digging our way out of the horrible financial decisions made in the past but I am pretty good with hanging out at home with my ladies anyway if you want the truth. But I do acknowledge it isn't a great idea without some more balance and continue to explore ways to make my life better.
  So I want to say Thank you to everyone who's come along for the ride, shared a beer or just stopped by to say hello. It's been a hell of a trip so far and I see no end in sight.  Will there come a day I don't have a beer? Absolutely,  but it will happen when it is meant to and I am okay with that.  Until then, I will see you every day, same Polk honesty every single time.
November 21st, 2017
Raise your Glass and Your Standards. 
One beer at a time.

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