20 January 2016

Sometimes the Tank is Dry

I have been pretty consistent in posting on my blog for the last 34 days. But today as I did my morning creative hour, I was bouncing around from idea to idea with nothing really getting me going. I couldn't find a spark that carried a post all the way to publication.  I had several good starts that I am confident will become something great,  but I didn't get the feeling that I could finish them today. This is not a surprise,  writing can be a draining exercise and I am sure that I will be able to reinvigorate my mind with a quick pause and reset.  But I also am realistic in knowing that I have already shared a lot with you and while I have so much more to say, it will not come as easy as it did in the beginning. 
I want to write something everyday, but I have to realise that just because I create something, doesn't mean I am ready to share it with the world. Sometimes it may take a little more time to get the words just right.
For now, I bid you adieu and hope to have something new for you when I wake up Thursday morning, grab my coffee and hit the keys. But if I only have some bits and pieces, I am okay with that too.
Cheers and thanks for the support.

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