30 December 2015

Polka Dot Awards 2015 #2 - Pompous Ass EPA

Lovely beer for my Grotto!
I think it only fitting that on the second last day of 2015, the Polkie goes to an extremely well made, yet low alcohol (ABV) beer. My journey is far from over in the land of hops and barley, but this beer is one that I continue to buy and enjoy on a regular basis.
Great Lakes Brewery is located in Etibicoke, Ontario. They make some outstanding beers, many of which leave me wanting more than one. Their can artwork from the artist Garnett Gerry (Here is a link to his Instagram, check it out) is second to none and I save at least one of each release to display on my Wall of Beers.
So many beers from these guys are in my top 25, but the one I choose to include in the top ten is Pompous Ass English Ale. There may be more interesting, bolder beers out there and I love to try them all, but it is because of its flavour, composition and 4.2 % ABV that I love this beer.
Like I have said before in this countdown, I am not only trying to showcase those robust beers, but also the brews I could turn to if I just wanted to settle in and read a book with. This one falls into the latter category and I keep a few in the fridge for any occasion.
Pompous Ass pours a cloudy amber colour with a nice off white head. Smells of malted hops. When you take a taste, it has all the earmarks of a classic English Ale. Bready, toffee and a nice toasted malt flavour combine with the slight bitterness of the hops to produce a very fine session ale. It has a decent medium mouthfeel, but doesn't bloat you up or crush your taste buds. I'll often have one of these after having a new beer because it just cruises in and delivers a nice flavour break.
Being a Pompous Ass on occasion has its drawbacks, but not when it comes to beer. Choosing to be more picky when buying beer has made me a better person, albeit one who thinks about his brew entirely too much. I consider what it is I am drinking far more than how much and that is what I was after with this journey.
Beers like this can refresh and create that happy feeling just as well as any Macro Lager. But they do it with actively engaging the taste buds, not bypassing them. Little about Pompous Ass is crazy, but it represents everything I want in a sessionable ale. Smooth, filling and a great combination of quality ingredients. My fridge is never without one or two of these in it, so I can share when you drop by.
I have been wanting to hit up this brewery for a while and it is on my list of things I want to do next year. Rest assured the Drunk Polkaroo will be safely going down the QEW to a city near you and exploring the tasty brews made by your hometown brewery. I may even stay over, so maybe we can have breakfast before I head on home.
One more to go, but for now, why not head out to the LCBO or even the grocery store and grab a 4 pack of this beauty. You will not regret it and maybe you too can show off your Pompous Face.
A dignified head nod to Sir Fuggled Doublebottom and the brewers at Great Lakes for their beautiful beer. A well deserved Polkie for a straight out awesome brewery!

Maybe this could replace the selfie.

Great beer for camping as well.

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