13 December 2015

Beer of the Week - December 6th to December 12th

The Beer of the Week (BOW) for this week came about in the most unusual way, for me anyway. Monday night while I perusing Instagram, pictures of one beer kept popping up as I scrolled through all the beer travelers I follow. The beer looked wonderfully delicious from the pictures of I saw and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.
Knowing I hadn't seen it in any of my local LCBOs, I inquired where one of my beer pals had acquired it. Right near where my wife works it turns out and that was good news indeed. I took a screen shot the next morning and sent it to her at work, asking her if it would be possible sometime in the next week for her to grab me one on her way home.
When she got home and we started making dinner, she kept asking me where I put my new beers and if I kept track of what was in my fridge. Seemed like odd questions, but I thought nothing of it. Dinner being done, I headed down to the basement to grab my Beer-vent brew and watch some Christmas specials. Mrs. Polkaroo usually joins me, but she was slow in coming down. I puttered away at a few chores and finished my new beer. Feeling like another one, I opened the fridge for a second time and finally, to her relief, noticed what she had done. She picked this beer up that day, leaving work early to do so. What a surprise and a joy it is to be lucky enough to have someone so thoughtful in my life.
It wasn't quite ready to drink right then, but on Wednesday night I had maybe one of my favourite beers of 2015.
Innocente Brewing Company is from Waterloo and this was my first time trying one of their beers. It will not be the last. Charcoal Porter is an wonderfully put together beer. poured coal black with a big bubbly tan head. Coffee and cocoa wafted up to entice me. It had a bitter black coffee and dark chocolate taste with a big roasted malt body. Dry finish with hints of more chocolate. Such a big and robust beer was deserving of the title. It went down better than I could have expected and is the beer I keep coming back to when I think of the best of the week.
Thanks to those who let me in on this little gem and of course to the best wife in the world for continuing to support this old guy in his pursuit of the Perfect Beer.
Innocente and their Charcoal Porter are just fantastic! Well deserved BOW and cheers to many more.
Such a complex Beauty.

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