27 December 2015

Beer of the Week - December 20th to December 26th

With all the Christmas craziness and the Polka Dot Awards, I wasn't sure if I would post a Beer of the Week (BOW) for this particular week. But I had a few outstanding brews and this one was just a pleasant surprise.
I have proclaimed my love for Ontario's Beau's All Natural Brewing Company on many occasions. I love their innovative and creative beers and art. Rarely am I disappointed by a beer I purchase with their logo on it. This beer was no different.
80 Shilling is billed as a Scotch style ale, so I was expecting a boozier mouth feel and was pleasantly surprised at just how sessionable this beer was.  Only 4.7 % ABV, so it is not going to get you all sloppy drunk after one or two.
 It poured a deep amber colour with a nice lacing head. Toasted malt smell. When I brought it to my lips, it had a wonderful graham cracker and caramel note. The biscuity flavour plays across the taste buds and toasted malts create a beautiful mouthfeel. There is a bit of a hoppy middle with some bitterness, but it finish very smooth.
I went out the next day and grabbed another bottle, it was that good.
In the middle of all the delightful, heavy stouts and porters I am finding this season, it was a real treat to find such a clean, lighter beer. Not a big bold brew, but more something you could enjoy around the card table on a Wednesday night with people you love.
This beer is part of their Farm Table series and like the others is a unique but traditional take on the individual styles they are trying to brew.
Well done Beau's! I am so very happy that the final BOW of 2015 goes to these guys. No doubt next year will bring us many new things and anytime you see their distinctive bottles, take a chance and grab one. You will not regret it!

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