22 January 2016

Confessions of the Last Radio Listener

I had one of these sweet babies in my youth.
I must admit that I am still lagging behind when it comes to how I get my music. I mean I watch videos on YouTube, I even created playlists specifically designed for when I am drinking my beer so it just plays in the background and I can get on with tasting and writing about all the delicious new beers I find. There was a dalliance with satellite radio a few years ago where I discovered my love for all things Buffet, but that costs money to maintain and I am on a budget. I haven't bought a CD in  a long time. So when I am writing the blog, editing videos (sort of), working around or on the property or anything else where I am busy, I put the radio on. Driving, sitting, standing or going to sleep, I love the radio. I like listening to the DJ's, being surprised by an old favourite I haven't heard in a long time or maybe a will be a new tune that captures my ear. I'm a classic rock guy for the most part, so the stations I listen to reflect that. Listening to songs I know and love lets me sing along and revel in some old memories.
 Sometimes I listen to Top 40 radio to see what is going on. Being north of that number means I may not get all that today's music has to offer, but I am at least willing to try. I am sure our parents thought our music was terrible, their parents the same thing about what they listened to and so on in perpetuity. When I hear people talking about "real music" and how the electronic stuff we get today doesn't hold a candle to the "old days" I always remember that people booed Bob Dylan when he started playing the electric guitar. Lighten up guys, just because you do not like it doesn't mean it has no merit. Each generation creates their own sound and while we prefer the music that we are familiar with, putting down or dismissing anything new seems too much like being "The Man". Didn't we hate that guy when we were young, exclaiming "You just don't get me!" over and over. Yeah, I thought so. Don't be "The Man".
I probably will give Spotify a try. It seems like a cool idea, access to all the songs, specific playlists targeted at your likes and an ongoing soundtrack for your life. But I still think I will listen to the radio. I work in my office every morning before going to work. Usually on this blog, but sometimes on other things like the family budget or future projects. I love morning radio. The familiar voices, hearing quick snips of the news and all the inside jokes that crack me up.  There is something just so simple about turning on my stereo before I sit down at the keyboard. It feels like an old friend is visiting and working with me while I type away. I know it's old fashioned, but it helps fuel my creativity because it is familiar and non interfering, so I'll stick with what works for now.
I know people are ditching cable I droves, going all digital with their music and generally shunning all that came with my youth. I applaud them, I just keep trucking along. I like the immediacy of turning the TV on and finding the game or maybe a gem of a movie I haven't seen in a while. We finally broke down and got Netflix and I am pretty sure my wife is addicted to streaming already, but that doesn't mean we will walk away from what we usually do either. As the technology grows and becomes better, this will no doubt change how we view it and I am always open to change. But for now, nothing beats my radio and I'll keep turning that dial till I find a that song and settle in for the night.

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