30 December 2015

The Drunk Polkaroo Does New Year's Eve

It's a little cold outside, but why not remember the summer!

It's the most wonderful time of the year to be a beer drinker. New Year's Eve is the High Holiday of Alcohol, with St. Patrick's Day doing duty as the Easter of Booze. Halloween is still Halloween.
Tomorrow night all manner of drunken frivolities will ensue and it is with this in mind I give you the Drunk Polkaroo's guide to the Eve.
Amateur drinkers go out and spend unbelievable amounts of money on overpriced dinners and watered down drinks. Macro lagers flow and bad decisions are made. I used to think this was a glorious way to spend the evening. I am older, a wee bit wiser and way more aware of what I drink than ever before so the times they are a changin'.
Personally, I never really got the idea of going to a bar on New Year's Eve. Too crowded and this is one night I don't like to be anywhere near the roads after the sun goes down. I now prefer a nice house party with people I love and cherish to the garish lights and loud booming music of the bar scene.
This year we are going to my in-laws house and it always is a good time. The food is second to none and the people just shine with happiness. Things will be a little different for me this year, I don't pound crappy beer anymore, so what to drink and how much will be very much at the back of my mind leading up to the Eve.
I am not going to be the guy who looks down on those who over-indulge. I've been there and I'll be here for you too. There is a time and a place for the social lubrication beer provides and this is one of those. We will be safely ensconced in the family circle and this alone means I can relax and enjoy myself. If you want to have a good time tonight, follow along with me and you will not only party, you'll remember it all in the morning. no apologies necessary.
  • Get some high quality beverages. Macro lagers, shitty liquor and terrible shots do not make for a fun evening. Good beer and quality spirits are easily available at the LCBO, Beer Store or Local Brewery and they makes any celebration better.
  • Consume with awareness. Don't cram a Coors Light down your throat one after the other. There is nothing sadder than a tasteless, empty beer that makes you drunk and nothing else. Thinking about what your drinking is not a bad idea. Enjoy the flavours and aromas that a good drink brings to the table.  Read on through to the end and I'll show you what I'm chilling for the party.
  • Put your phone down. If there is something or someone more interesting you'd rather be with, then maybe you should head over there.  There is no need to show me this picture on Buzzfeed or Intagram. It will be there in the morning. Engage with the people who are present and you will remember it for a lot longer than a cat with bread on it's head.
  • Take pictures together. This is the only reason to get out your device. I will be a demon for getting pictures with the people I am having a good time with. I love the memories that flood back when I look at them later. Rest assured they will be posted on Social media the next day. But for now, snap that photo and let's go back to having fun.
  • Eat Something. Seriously. Your hosts put food out to be eaten. It is delicious and more importantly helps slow down your boozing. I love to eat some good snacks at a party and if paired with the right beer, all the better. But eat something, you'll thank me later.
  • Be free with good words, hugs and yourself. Remember you don't know what a year it has been for everyone. Maybe it was the best year of their lives or the worst. Tonight is about looking forward as much as back, so be happy. Listen and respond to what is being said. Hug people like you mean it and tell them how much they mean to you. I harp on this because we never know what next year brings. Tonight is right now and I love spending it with you.
  • Share your beer. I know, not everyone likes beer, but if you know a beer drinker is there, share all the joy craft beer brings to the glass and then maybe you will have another person to go on beer-ventures with! But remember that even though you love the craft, not everyone does and respect their choices.
  • If you can't or don't want to drink, be happy about it. I wrote about the art of not drinking earlier. (Shameless blog link to the article) You do not have to drink to have fun. It is just fine and dandy to have a pop, coffee or whatever floats your boat. But don't be a wet blanket on everyone else. I've done that and regret it. Have fun, laugh at the goofiness that people bring out when they drink and maybe let loose a little. But do not feel you need to drink, you don't and I support you.
  • Know when you've had enough. This was always the hardest thing for me. I never had a limit. So many nights missed because I couldn't slow down. So be aware of how you feel. If you are getting too out of control, slow down. Grab a water. Hydration is so important when you are drinking. I almost always have a glass of water between beers to help cleanse my palate, but also so I will slow down a little and not over-consume. I realise not everyone has my problem of self control, but if you do then its okay to say no to that shot and keep sipping that big Imperial Stout you brought for the party.
  • Do Not Drink and Drive.  This is a biggie. Don't do it. Stay over, call a cab, call your parents, siblings or long lost cousins. No one should ever lose their life or someone they love because you thought you were okay to drive. Please, I love you and want you around for all my adventures next year.
  • Have Fun.  Finally, have a good time. You are surrounded by people you love and respect. Maybe you haven't spent time with them in a while. Take the time to reconnect and find out how they are. I bet they miss you too. Laugh at bad jokes and stupid things. Smile at memories you share. Make new ones together. Enjoy the last night of the year and celebrate all you hope to do in the next one.

That's about it. Be safe. I am going to say it again,  please do not drink and drive. Too many people don't make it home because someone had too much and drove. It is not worth it. There is always room on the couch for you and we can have breakfast in the morning. I'll buy.

Happy New Year everyone from The Drunk Polkaroo!
Have a great night and let's see where 2016 takes us.

I almost forgot to tell you what I am bringing to the party. Here it is:
My beer for tomorrow is based on what is available at this time of year, my own personal faves and of course what goes with the party! I probably won't drink all of these. But I like to have my options open to where my taste buds want to go.

Yuenglings Lager (USA)
Great Lager. Sadly only available in the states.

Lake of Bays Old North Mocha Porter (CAN)
 Amazing beer with so many flavours.
Get one before the LCBO closes.

Marzen by Beaus's All Natural Brewing Co. (CAN)
Another Ontario Craft Beer, available now.
Malty goodness.

80 Shilling by Beau's again (CAN)
Nutty, toffee and malty.
This one just came out.

Charcoal porter by Innocente (CAN)
Found it at Upper Gage LCBO.
Dark and roasty, get one!

Riptide Rye Pale Ale by Forked River (CAN)
Limited availability in Hamilton. Upper Gage again.
Great intro to rye  and beer.

Coast to Coastless by Flying Monkeys (CAN)
Wonderfully malty and chocolatey.
Available now.

Pompous Ass by Great Lakes Brewery (CAN)
Best session ale of 2016.
Available now, go get two.

Best name for a beer two years running.
Dark, roasted and delicious.
Run to the LCBO and grab one!

Torpedo IPA from Sierra Nevada (USA)
Best IPA this year.
Sadly another states only brew
Try their Pale ale, at the LCBO

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