21 December 2015

The Best Beers of 2015 - An Overview

The Drunk Polkaroo goes camping. Great beer, to bad about the glass.

Another year has almost come and gone. 2015 was momentous in my own for life for many reasons. The least of which was my decision to stop being a quantity beer pounder and to focus on drinking well made, quality beers. To celebrate this and so many other great things about this year I present to you, fellow traveller of the Malted Barley Road, The Drunk Polkaroo Top Ten Beers of 2015. The very glamorous Polka Dot Awards or Polkies will be awarded for my favourite brews.
  By no means do I think I am judging these beers on anything but what they meant to me.  I grew as a person and a consumer of beer this year. In doing so, I began to appreciate that all beers are not created equal and that the decisions I make about what to drink should not be influenced by price or volume. These beers were not just put on the list because they are highly rated (by me), but because they each gave me something new and different on my journey.
I am going to post one beer a day beginning with #10 on December 22nd, 2015 and counting down to the very best on New Year's Eve.
I tried more than 400 different beers this year from big bold Imperial Stouts to light floral Pilsners. I have merely begun my quest to find the Perfect Beer. I am still learning and hope to take you with me as I explore all beer has to offer. This Top Ten is a reflection of this growing palate and is meant to represent where I am now and where I hope to go.
So check back every morning. Hopefully you will find a beer you haven't had yet and give it a try.  Maybe I'll remind you of an old favourite and you can seek it out.
This is something I have been looking forward to for a while, but I am still not sure what beer will be Number one. It is just too damn hard to choose.
 But I can and will let you in on how I get there and what I tasted as I made my way from January to December.
Can it be Summer again?

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