6 March 2017

The Polkapocalypse - Day 7 Route - Polkapolooza 2 (Electric Polkaloo)

  On Saturday March 18th, we will reach the end of our week long trek across Ontario in celebration of our amazing craft brewers and all they have come to mean to me. I will hope to have raised pints with many new friends, renewed some old ones and seen so much of this glorious province.
  Last year we called our final day The Polkapocalypse and I am pretty happy to continue doing just that. It is indeed the final showdown that I created to showcase all that craft beer has brought into my life and I must admit I don't think I had any idea just how much this amazing community would change my outlook on my past, present and future. So it is indeed the apocalypse for all the macro beer I used to drink, the end times for my former destructive habits and the final curtain for the needless pounding and chasing the demon of the darkness.
  We will kick of the day with a stop at Woodstock's Upper Thames Brewery before a quick jaunt down the road to the Picard family and their Rambling Road Brewery. This one has my interest piqued and it will be snack time when we get there. Off next to the old schoolhouse and New Limburg Brewing. Belgian style beers abound and you know I'll be buying one of everything.

  Moving west, we come upon the home of one of my favourite Ontario Quads, St. Thomas' Railway City Brewing. This will be the penultimate city before our final destination, London.

  As a roundabout way of arriving at our last stop, we will travel first to Forked River Brewing. Long a fave in our house, it will be nice to check out their taproom. Next up is Toboggan Brewing on the other side of town. looking forward to a flight here, the pics I've seen from my friends make me jealous and I want my own!
 Creeping ever closer to the finish line, we will make a quick stop at the hotel to freshen up and then head on over to the newest London Brewery and Ontario's other Co-operative brewer, London Co-Op Brewery. Really enjoy the philosophy behind this style of brewery and I would love to see one in the Hammer.
 The week will have been hectic, the travel a touch crazy and the fridge bursting at the seems when we finally touchdown at this year's Polkapocalypse destination, where I felt at home just walking through the door last summer and continue to fall more in love with the people and brews.
   I could think of no better representative of the great beer being made in this province and community involvement than the fine folks at Anderson Brewing and it is there that I will hang up my hat, pull up a chair and spend the rest of my holiday.

  I hope to see you at one of the 59 stops planned for the next week and if you're in London on the 18th, come by Anderson and celebrate Ontario Craft beer, Polkaroo style!

Raise your glass and your standards,
One Beer at a time.



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