16 August 2016

I Love Muddy York Brewing and You Should Too!

Muddy York Brewing makes some beautiful beer!

There are a myriad of reasons why craft beer has changed my life, meeting people like Jeff and Susan from Muddy York Brewing is right near the top. Its a tale that starts in the dog days of winter...

Pulling into the drive at the brewery this past March during the start of Toronto day for my birthday Polkapolooza week, I knew they made good beer, but it was the person I met inside that helped solidify what my pursuit of better beer was all about. I walked in a potential consumer of their beer and walked out feeling like I made a new friend. Kathryn and I were positively floating on air leaving and I vowed to return when I could.
Cruise time and Kat finds a Craft beer she likes.
Fast forward a few months and I had yet to drive back out to East Toronto. I watched from afar as they released some old favourites and new beers and when we bought tickets to the Toronto Craft beer Cruise, we were delighted to see that Muddy York would be on board. Imagine our ecstatic surprise when we saw that not only was Jeff manning the taps, Susan was there as well and she completed the deal by continuing the Muddy York joyful love of all things beer. Engaging, witty and most of all, real, these two people helped show Kathryn what craft beer was really all about and confirm what I had come to know about the people that make my favourite beverage. Another plus was they had their excellent Helles Lager with them and Kat fell in love with her first craft beer.
The back and forth on line is one of their hallmarks, always responding to any social media post and engaging not only fans of their beer but all Ontario Craft Beer. I was happy a few weeks ago to receive a beer saint gift from a friend of their Hefeweizen, and it reminded me of my promise to return. Their post last week about having some very cool new Helles Lager t-shirts made both of us an easy excuse to head back to old York.
The only picture from today, I had so much forgot to get a picture of the 4 of us.
Next time !
We arrived and figured we would be in and out with a couple of beers and Kat's new shirt. I think we forgot just how much fun it is to talk about anything with Jeff and Susan and we were there for a lot longer than a few minutes. I know they must meet hundreds of people in their busy lives but at each of our 3 meetings, I've always felt like an old friend returning from a long trip. The genuine and real way they have of listening and engaging you cannot be taught, bought or faked. Walking around the brewery, hearing of their plans for the future, stories of failure and success and thirstily eyeing those three barrels with new beer sitting there, I didn't want to leave. It wasn't just the great beer that they make we discussed, I peppered Jeff with questions about home brewing, how to do some things better and what to do to help make our beer work. He was thoughtful and patient with my beer geeking and they both were just so present that it made me so happy I made that choice 5 months ago to stop in here when I was just a newcomer to all things craft.
I do go a little fan boy when it comes to people who work in Craft Beer, but these two gems are so much more than just brewers of the malted brown pops. They have an infectious joy of life and are the epitome of the people I have met on this trip through all things hops and barley.
I'll leave you today with this piece of advice. Go visit Muddy York Brewing. If they are at an event near you, buy a ticket. The beer is absolutely fabulous, with their Porter and IPAs being my personal faves. But what you will get is a real live introduction to the very people who will be the reason Craft Beer continues to grow in record numbers every year. I will not take so long to return and if you haven't been yet or if it's been awhile, don't wait any longer, you will leave feeling like a million bucks.
Thank you so much for everything you do Muddy York. The two of you will always have a special place in this beer nerds heart but more importantly, you have made a friend in us. Kathryn and I are Jeff and Susan fans as much as we love the beer you brew. Cheers and we can't wait for those barrels to hit the bottles and we can come down the highway once again.
Beauty, eh!

Excellent video introducing Muddy York on YouTube found right here
In case you missed it earlier, their website  is here : Muddy York Brewing

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