10 April 2016

Ramblings of a Polkaroo

Polkaroo across the Internet with this beautiful shot!
It has been a real treat the last couple of weeks since Polkapolooza. Between all the new beer, friends and brewery visits, I've been pretty busy. Getting the chance to sit down and write a post here is hard for two reasons. One is that I spend an increasing amount of time either writing reviews on Instagram, making videos on my YouTube Channel or hanging out with friends drinking and sharing great beer. The other reason is that I am also trying to get my thoughts about my entire life's journey from childhood till now put into coherent form. Part of what makes the Drunk Polkaroo tick is acknowledging the past and using my experiences and mistakes to plan a brighter future. It's not always pretty and I struggle with some of the darker times. There are pieces of my life that even I had forgotten about or repressed because they are such a sad and bleak time. But it is in utilizing those very intense encounters with the very worst of my life that I tread the path I do now. So while I started this blog not really knowing where I was going and with such a gusto of writing every day, I did not come all this way to abandon any part of my story. I may not write daily or weekly here, but you can always find some part of my life through my other outlets.
The biggest part of what has driven this whole thing is great beer. Taking the time to write and talk about it really has made a difference to what I drink and more importantly, how I drink. My very best Beer Friend is BigCanuck75 (check out his Instagram, all sorts of awesome) and we were also partners in cramming macro lagers until we couldn't stand back not so long ago. Last night we got together and neither of us had to work in the morning. That used to mean a 24 or two and we would be feeling it for the next few days with blurred vision and pounding headaches. But we had a couple of beers each, talked about all manner of things and enjoyed the hell out the evening. Respecting the beer and fun are not incompatible anymore and it was so nice to wake up this morning to enjoy breakfast with Mrs. Polkaroo and no hangover.
So fear not my friends, just because I don't post here everyday doesn't mean you can't read about my adventures. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube to get all sorts of fun beer related content. I am working on putting it all together on one website with some other cool stuff that people have suggested they'd like to see. Luckily I have awesome family like my cousin Matt, who purchased the Drunkpolkaroo.com website for me and set up all the links that take you to my various mediums. I am blessed most of the time with being surrounded by supportive real life and online friends. I hope your ready because there are some really wicked fun coming up soon and maybe you can come along and join the Drunk Polkaroo in his adventure!
I would be remiss if I didn't mention the still early in the planning Tabernac! The Qubec City Craft Beer Throwdownaolooza that is happening in August. It has come from meeting people on Instagram and sharing our love of great beer, We all kept saying that it would be cool to actually have a beer together, so we took the leap, found the most central place for us to meet and agreed it was high time we get together. It is going to be pretty amazing and I hope we can add more beer friends to the guest list. Details coming very soon, join us on our Facebook group to keep up to date with the latest ideas.
Until we meet again my friends!
Raise your glass and your standards one beer at a time!

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