3 January 2016

Project 366 - The Polkaroo Challenge

2016 - 366 beers in 366 days!

When I woke up (admittedly a little hungover, come on it's a party) on New Year's Day and went for a lovely breakfast with my in-laws, my mind was churning with all the things I wanted to accomplish this year. 2015 was pretty monumental and the last few months were nothing short of miraculous. I quit binge drinking, started to face my dual demons of depression and anxiety and began to chronicle all that here, at The Adventures of the Drunk Polkaroo. Feeling the love from all the family and friends I have been reconnected with and basking in the afterglow of my best New Year's Eve in a long time was making me feel pretty damn good. But what to do next?
After the fun time I had with my Beer-vent 2015 and the daily joy of trying a new beer, I was struck with an idea. We have an extra day this year with the Leap Year, so why not attempt to do 366 new beers, one a day. Sounds simple, but as anyone who knows how hard it is to find new beers in Ontario will tell you, it will require some planning. My journey to the U.S. last week gives me a head start on this count, but I always choose my local brewers over anyone else and will make every effort to put Ontario Craft beer first in my work.
I am going to do this in conjunction with all I laid out in my post What I want in 2016. So it will require me to get off my ass and be active so I can achieve all the ambitious things I hope to accomplish this year.
My plan is quite simple really. The first beer every day will be new and I will post a review on my Instagram account, found here. I am not advocating drinking all the time and to be honest, most days that will be my only beer. But I no longer crave the black hole that binge drinking brings, so I hope you can follow along at home knowing I am not returning to those dark days.
My goal is to explore all the seasons, flavours and varieties that craft beer has to offer and by openly stating my desires, I hope to engage with you, my loyal readers, on a journey of discovery.
I will still make personal posts, they are my favourite kind to write and with the exciting chase to keep my fridge stocked with new beers for an entire year ahead of me, I am sure there will be interesting tales to tell.
I want once again to thank you for your taking time out of your day to read my blog. It is part of my continuing recovery and a large section of what I write about is the feelings I encounter as I try to reboot my life. Without craft beer, I don't think I would be here to do any of this and with The Polkaroo Challenge, I keep that connection alive.
With outfits like this, how can I not be the
Drunk Polkaroo!

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