24 January 2016

Beer of the Week - January 17th to January 23rd

Drinking beer is supposed to be fun and this week was no exception. Well there was that one. I did the dirty work and tried Molson 67 Session IPA for you this week. I don't want to linger on it, it made me sad. Go check out my Instagram or Facebook pages if you want to read all about that train wreck of a beer. It was amusing but not something I think you need to do yourself. Leave that to the professionals.
Since it's inception, I use my Beer of the Week (BOW) to showcase one beer from the last seven days for its unique ability to rise above all the other brews and stick in my memory. It occurred to me that perhaps the 67 was the one, but to be honest, it was just so full of nothing that it barely registers. I then turned to my Master Beer List and found some worthy candidates. Dam Buster from Silversmith was a great English Pale Ale and one I am anxious to get another one of. There were some great American Craft Beers from my trip last month to Buffalo, including an Imperial Stout called Choklat from Southern Tier Brewing that was just outstanding and smooth for being 10% ABV. But it was once again my old pal Beau's All Natural Brewing Company who rose to the top with a beer that surprised me and challenged my sense of sight versus taste.
Yet another beer I started to see pop up all over Instagram early in the week, this Black IPA called Le Coeur Noir (The Black Heart) was getting great reviews from my fellow enthusiasts and I picked one up to chill for Friday night.
As you can see, a simple yet elegant label design and of course the distinctive Beau's logo. It poured dark, like a stout or porter, with a creamy tan head that laced my glass as I drank. What really stood out for me was the contrast between what I was seeing and what I was drinking. I knew it was an IPA, but when I looked at the glass, my mind wanted to register a roasted malt brew. It had a sharp, hoppy scent and when I took a sip, it really took off. It had a creamy texture that featured a crisp and bitter tropical mix of grapefruit, pineapple and mango. Piney and dry to the finish, this was an outstanding IPA.
As I make my way through the world of craft beer, I am beginning to see patterns and distinct attributes for each style of beer. Most have an appearance that is consistent with that style, but this Black IPA challenged my notions. I like that I struggled a bit to put what my tongue was telling me together with what my eyes had first registered. That is what makes my journey so interesting to me, I never know where my beer will take me until I pop the top and get it into my glass.
It was a delight to drink and I will be picking up a few more to enjoy as the winter swirls around us.
Congrats to Beau's All Natural and their Le Coeur Noir for making me smile and think about what I am drinking. A well earned BOW and I am sure not the last one they will get in 2016.

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