26 December 2015

Polka Dot Awards 2015 #6 - Coast to Coastless

Jinx makes her feelings known about beer. She loves to watch me drink it.
As long as I have treats for her.
There are times in my life when I wish I could go back and smack myself around for stupid things. Dismissing the Flying Monkeys Brewery out of Barrie as a crazy pine tree obsessed beer maker was one of them.
When I turned forty a few years ago, my friends threw me a Roast and it was awesome. One of my cousins brought me Hoptical Illusion from these guys and I couldn't stomach it. Too bitter and piney I cried. So misinformed, so dumb. Oh the beers I've missed.
I no longer make that mistake and have actively sought to correct my mistakes. This brewery makes some really fine beers and is not afraid to push the boundaries in reimagining old styles. This year I bought Chocolate Manifesto and was blown away at how amazing it was. This beer was even better.
Coast to Coastless is a collaboration beer between four Canadian craft Brewers : Flying Monkeys, Trou Du Diable, Phillips Brewing and Garrison Brewing. I am just getting into these colab-beers and finding them fantastic.
Billed as an Imperial Extra Special Bitter, I was already drooling before I popped the top. I love that style of beer and getting a bigger, bolder version sounded awesome.
 Pours a beautiful amber colour with a thick foamy head. The toasted malty, bread, caramel explodes in.the first sip and keeps getting better. At 7.6 % ABV, it is a warming up the body beer for sure, but not boozy at all. It is like a warm fireplace that just makes you feel all cozy and right with the world. 
I really love  when a beer transcends what I expect into something beautiful. This one goes in that category.
 I managed to find another one and have added it to the queue for New Year's Eve. It is sure to remind me that giving someone a second chance is just as important as doing the same with a brewery! Run out to the LCBO and get one before they are gone, you wont be disappointed.
On the subject of the LCBO, do yourself a favour and download their App for your phone. It is great for finding this or any other brew with a keyword search. Easy to use and it helps locate the closest store to you with how much they have in stock and the cost.
Find out all about it here LCBO Phone App.
Cheers to Flying Monkeys and their inclusion in the Polkies. Well earned and this is one brewery I won't pass up again when I see something new from them.
Cups up b'yes!

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