27 December 2015

Polka Dot Awards 2015 #5 - Torpedo Extra IPA

Fine beer and Christmas. What a life!
For the last three summers, Mrs. Polkaroo and I have been lucky enough to be able to spend a week at a friends cottage. It is located on Canada's South Coast in Crystal Beach and I like to refer to it as "My Little Slice of Heaven".
The last two years we have gone there we have headed over the border for a little day trip and I explored the local Wegman's to purchase their easy to get American craft beers. I have already proclaimed my love for their $9.99 Craft your own Six pack plan as part of my post about Beer in the Grocery Store.
This year I have grown as a beer drinker and didn't crush all of my new beers in the 6 days we were down there. I had one or two a day and really tried to enjoy them. Today's beer is one that made the trip home in the cooler and I really loved what it brought to the table enough to ask my wife to get me another one when she went Black Friday shopping last month.
Sierra Nevada makes its second appearance on The Polkies with their Torpedo Extra IPA. I was a little scared when I saw the "extra IPA", but I had nothing to fear.
It is pretty strong at 7.1 % ABV and 65 IBUs. Not crazy, but big. Pours a deep gold with a thinner head that stays with you all through the beer. Smells of mango and hops. It has a malty texture that yields grapefruit notes with some pine and resin flavours. There is a creamy feeling to the mouthfeel, but it has a sharp bitter finish that lingers on the tongue in the nicest way. Bold and juicy in a way that makes me want another. The dry hopping technique takes this beer up into the stratosphere.
I wish I could thank the  Sierra Nevada brewers personally for their wonderful IPAs that really made me stop and consider the bitter brews again. After this I wanted to retry all the beers I had dismissed as too piney or citrusy. It presents the IPA in a light that is both bitter, yet smooth and enjoyable.
We are headed over the border again this week and I am going to get myself another couple of these beers. It is a must for New Year's Eve and beyond. Never judge a beer by its label, sometimes they can surprise you in the most wonderful ways if you give them a chance.
Cheers to Sierra Nevada for their second Polkie and I raise a glass to the Torpedo for making me a better beer drinker.

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