3 December 2015

Beervent 2015 or the 25 Beers of Christmas

My wife went to the States for Black Friday this week and before she left I had asked her to go to Wegman’s for me and grab 4 of their”Pick 6″ Craft your own packs. It is a great idea where you can grab any 6 craft beers for $9.99. Even with the crappy exchange rate on the dollar, this is a great deal. To be honest, I expected she might find me 10 or so new beers and I was delighted at the prospect. I told her that I was just happy to get anything that I can’t get up here, so even if I’d had them, it was still a treat.
Imagine my surprise when she came home with 2 beers I had asked for (both from Sierra Nevada), two 24’s of my favourite session lager from Yuengling’s Brewery and an amazing 21/24 that were completely new to me. She also grabbed a big bottle of Samuel Adams Winter Lager because she knows I love my Sammy.
Confronted with so many new beers and with my fridge packed with all the beauties I find at the LCBO was actually a bit of a stress. How would I fit them into my plans? How to maximize my ability to really get the most out of each beer? Which one to drink first? Last? So many trivial problems, but to me and my love of the craft, great ones to have.
As she laughed at me for my ponderous nature, I tinkered with ideas. A six pack a week was my first thought. Maybe go through each brewery or style of beer as a group.  Perhaps a blind grab out of the fridge, but that wasn’t my usual style. For three hours as we chatted and watched videos, I rolled the possibilities around my brain.
Then it hit me like Santa’s sleigh. 25 beers. 25 days in an advent calendar. 25 wonderful things to look forward to each day. I have seen Beer-vent calenders on line, but none that could be purchased in Ontario. I was thinking of just buying the required number of beers and making my own, but this was way better.
My wife enjoys a beer, but has no real  love of craft beer or any idea about the different styles and flavours they contain. So I asked her if she could do me a favour. Wrap each beer in Christmas paper and label them 1 to 25. I will have no idea which one will be opened each day until I get home from work and unwrap it. Brilliant idea, I know. She thinks I am a little nuts, but indulges me in my little request and we are off and running on the Drunk Polkaroo 2015 Beer-vent Calender Express!
As I get older, I really don’t celebrate the holidays like I did when I was a kid. No Santa for this fat man. We aren’t a big gift family, so this little present is just what I need to feel festive. Plus it helps me to really focus on just that one beer every day and I hope to enjoy all that each one brings to the table.
Tuesday is going to be amazing!

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